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Friday, December 20, 2019

What is RDX Full Form full Information

 What is RDX Full Form full Information

What is RDX Full Form full Information

What is RDX Full Form full Information

What is RDX Full Form full Information. Friends, you must have heard about RDX. What is RDX ?, What is RDX full form ?, What is RDX used for? , We will discuss all these today.

I do not know if you know this or not, recently, militants used a military-grade explosive (RDX) of high caliber for the attack on a CRPF convoy in Pulwama, Jammu and Kashmir.

The explosives were found through the Pakistan Defense Forces. This important disclosure has been made by forensic experts. Let us tell you that 40 CRPF soldiers were killed in the terror attack in Pulwama.
Let's know some things about RDX-

Hello friends I welcome your friend sandeep Bhorse in my blog Our topic of discussion today is - What is RDX full form full information. We hope that today's topics will remain on the end of What is RDX full form.

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What is RDX full form

RDX full form  is 'Research Department Explosive'. Explosive is shown here by X.

Friends, you must have known about the festival of Deepawali? People of Hindu religion celebrate it with great enthusiasm - Noises and Joy glee. Firecrackers are highly used in this festival. Perhaps you too have run in childhood or you will still have a fondness for firecrackers.

You must have seen how they are blasted, the reason for their being blasted is the explosive filled inside them.

But that Explosive is not as dangerous as TNT or RDX are.

The full name of RDX is 'Research Department Explosive'. Explosive is shown here by X.

In many places it is also known as Royal Demolition Explosive. It is an Explosive Compund which is related to Nitramines (a group of Organic Nitrate Explosives). It is known as Cyclonite, Hexogen and T4.

What is RDX Chemical name

RDX has Chemical Name (Cyclo Tri Methylene Trinitramine) and its Chemical Formula is C3H6N6O6.

What is RDX chemical name

Some important information related to RDX

RDX was discovered in Germany in 1899 by Georg Friedrich Henning.

It was named by RDX British.

It was first used in World War II to create Explosive.

It is more explosive than TNT.

It can be activated by friction, collision, and temperature.

It is a White Crystalline which is quite strong.

It does not have any taste and aroma.

Friends RDX is a very destructive bomb. RDX is a kind of scientific invention that has brought different kinds of destruction in the world.

Where is RDX used

At present, RDX is most commonly used by Military or Army. RDX is usually used only for tests.

 But sometimes when there is a fight with a terrorist or another country, it is still used by the Army.

RDX is a very important tool for the Army, it acts like a weapon. For your information, RDX was the most used in World War 2, and it caused terrible destruction as a result, it is a very dangerous and deadly bomb.

RDX has the ability to destroy the biggest things, besides the army, it is also used in many mines. RDX is used to mine stones in mines.

So friends, there were some special things related to RDX full form.


In today's post, we have told you about RDX full form. Hope you liked our post 'What is RDX full form full information' and got to learn something from it. On this topic, information related to science is brought to you. We would like to thank you from the heart for being with us till the end. See you friends with a new update on the next post. Till then let's say goodbye to you.

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